Helping Churches and Ministers Fulfill Their Dreams

Dr. Michael Pangio Founder and President

Providing Spiritual Covering for individuals called to five fold ministry. Ephesians 4:11

  1. Counsel and oversight for:
    1. Personal life, family
    2. And your ministry
  2. Ministerial Credentials on three levels:
    1. Ordination
    2. License
    3. Christian Worker

II. Spiritual Covering for your local church, and (extra local) traveling ministry.

  1. Providing you oversight, counsel & opportunity for:
    1. Ministry decisions
    2. Resolving conflict
    3. Implementation of a biblical form of church government
    4. Leadership training
    5. Implementation of a biblical form of constitution and by-laws: which also meet State and federal requirements
    6. 501 C (3) Group Exemption
    7. Church Planting
    8. Profiles for staff and leadership causing a "team effort" to be established. Learning to draw upon the strength of each team member instead of motivating them in their weakness.
    9. Development of an accredited bible school within your own ministry
    10. Conferences:
      a. Annual camp meetingc. Men's conference
      b. Women's conferenced. Leadership conferences
    11. Missions:
      1. Helping you develop your own missions program (at home and overseas)
      2. Short term over seas missions trips
        (1) Medical missions(5) Bible school planting
        (2) Construction(6) Church revival services
        (3) Leadership conferences(7) Open air meetings
        (4) Church planting(8) Men and women's conferences

Degrees of Participation

  1. Your Life:
    1. Affiliates partake of all services listed under "spiritual covering for individuals"
  2. Your Ministry:
    1. Affiliate ministries would partake of all services listed under "spiritual covering for you Church and (extra local) traveling ministry"
    2. Local churches may not affiliate with Abundant Ministries unless the Five Fold Ministry Leader of that local church is credentialed with Abundant Ministries.

About Us

  • Founder and President: Dr. Michael Pangio
  • Phone: 330-651-0990
  • Address: 845 5th St. Struthers, OHIO 44471
  • Email:
  • Your Donations are appreciated, all proceeds go toward foreign missions.



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