Other Lessons


I. Job 1:8-12 Note: vs 10 “hast not thou made an hedge about him:

A. Def Hedge: to shut in, protection, a restraint, make a fence

1. Note the areas of Job’s life that were blessed due to this spiritual hedge about him:

II. Mk. 12:1 “set an hedge about it” Def Hedge: a fence, an inclosing barrier, to stop

A. Hedges were are barrier of some type of inclosure / protection. Stopping someone / something from gaining access & entrance to what was protected behind the hedge:

1. In this verse a hedge was built to protect a vineyard

2. Shepherds would also build hedges to protect their sheep

a. We can also build a hedge in the spirit realm for supernatural protection & release of the blessings of God

III. Things that break down Spiritual Hedges:


1. Eccl 10:8 “whoso breaketh an hedge, a serpent shall bite him

a. Serpent: type of the devil, Gen 3 devil tempted Adam & Eve in form of a serpent & Rev 20:2 “that old serpent..which is the devil”

2. Eph 4:27 “neither give place to the devil” Def Place: space & opportunity

IV. Things that build a spiritual hedge of protection in the spirit realm:

A. The Presence of The Lord

1. Ps 119: 114, Ps 115:11, Ps 91:3 (note the positions & weapons of protection due to being in God’s presence)

B. Praise

1. Ps 22:3 “O thou (God) that inhabitest the praises of Israel”

a. take off the spiritual clothes that invites the devil’s presence & breaks down your hedge & put on the spiritual

Garments that invites the presence of God & builds a hedge around you: Isa. 61:3

C. Angelic Ministry

1. Ps 91:10-12, Ps 103:20 (we release angelic ministry when speak / confess the Word of God)

2. Ps 104:4, Heb 1:7 & 14, 2 Kings 6:15-17 & 2 Chron 32:7-8

D. The Blood of Jesus:

1. Ex 12:13 “”When I see the blood” & Ex. 12:21-23

a. Jesus is our Passover Lamb: Jn. 1:29 & 1 Cor 5:7

2. We are to Sprinkle the Blood of Jesus:

a. Upon the door post of our heart through repentance

b. As a Priest of God (1 Pet. 2:9) sprinkle the Blood of Jesus upon your mind against mental warfare & unclean thoughts

c. Sprinkle the Blood of Jesus upon our family members for protection

d. Sprinkle the Blood of Jesus upon our home for protection, etc.

E. Armor of God

1. Col 3:3 “your life is hid with Christ in God” :

a. One way this takes place is by putting on the whole Armor of God: Eph 6:11 & 13-18

F. Prophetic Ministry

1. Ezek 13:3 - 5 in this verse it deals with “false prophets”, but at the same time it gives us a revelation of what true Prophets of God & true prophetic ministry accomplishes: vs 5 “neither made up a hedge....in the battle

a. 1 Tim 1:18 : Timothy is instructed to do spiritual warfare through the prophetic word spoken into his life

G. Intercessory Prayer

1. Ezek 22:30 “make up the hedge”

a. Intercessors are to help build a spiritual hedge around whom or what you are interceding for