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THE BREAKER ANOINTING Micah 2:13 Def Breaker: breach, burst out, break out, grow, increase

This verse is prophesying of the Breaker Anointing that rests upon Jesus Christ Lk 4:18-19 The purpose of the anointing is to remove limitations off of our life enabling us to: Burst out, break out, grow, increase Isa 10:27 the anointing destroys yokes & burdens that limit us Micah 2:7 "Is the Spirit of The Lord straightened / restricted?"

Micah 2:13: "Their king shall pass before them"

Jesus is our forerunner Heb 6:20 Jesus has already walked thru what you are experiencing Jesus has already faced and defeated the devil Col 2:15 (spoiled / disarmed principalities) Jesus has already faced & overcome temptations we face in life Heb 4:15 Jesus has already faced & conquered every circumstance & storm of life Mark 4:39 Jesus does not ask us to go where He has not already been & conquered that is why He is our Great Shepherd Heb 13:2 / Chief Shepherd 1 Pet 5:4 / Shepherd / Bishop of our soul 1 Pet 2:25 Ps 23:4 speaks of walking thru the valleys of this life where the devil says there is no hope, but according to Micah 2:14 "their king shall pass before them" ...we see our king / Shepherd making a way: The Psalmist is able to declare "I will fear no evil" .... "for thou are with me" Ps 23:3 "Thy rod and they staff comfort me" The rod is used by the Shepherd to protect the sheep from predators The staff is used by the Shepherd to rescue or bring wayward sheep home If David as a young shepherd boy was able to protect his sheep from the bear & lion how much more can our Great Shepherd Jesus Christ thru His Breaker Anointing protect us from the attacks of the powers of darkness & the devil who walks about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour 1 Pet 5:8

Micah 2:1-3 "have passed thru the gates"

Gates are symbolic of access / entrance points as seen in the walls of the city of Jerusalem Gates are also symbolic of places / seats of authority as seen in Ruth 4:11 as the elders sat at the gates of the city Gates can also be symbolic of strongholds: both godly & demonic Matt 16:18 "gates of hell shall not prevail / overpower My church" Jesus & His Breaker Anointing has already passed thru every gate, leading the way & purchasing our victory over every gate / stronghold the enemy may attempt to erect in our life, ministry, city: Col 2:15 Even though Jesus has passed before us in the Breaker Anointing, we must position our selves & take steps of faith to partake of the victory Jesus has won for us: Prayer, reading the word, confessing the word, praise & worship alone is not enough we cannot maintain a position of idleness & partake of the victory already won by the Breaker Anointing Some say "I am waiting upon the Lord": this does not mean to be idle and lay down your gifts, & ministry Isa 40:31 "They that wait upon The Lord": take the following steps of faith instead of remaining idle: Their strength gets renewed & enables them to: mount up with wings as eagles, shall run, shall walk If your "waiting upon The Lord" has produced "idleness" in your life, you need the revelation of the four lepers in 2 Kings 7:1 & 3 The prophetic word had gone forth as seen in verse 1 ... yet no one took steps of faith The four lepers understood that even though the prophetic word had manifested, they could not remain idle: vs 3 "Why sit we here until we die" in verses 5-8 they took steps of faith. Three times it states the Lord caused Israel's enemy to hear a noise. In the natural it was just four lepers walking, but in the spirit Micah 2:13 was manifesting: The Breaker is come up before them.... "their king shall pass before them The need to take steps of faith in order to activate the Breaker Anointing: 1 Chron. 14:8-11 As seen in the life of David in verse 8 When ever we receive a promotion & fresh anointing, the enemy will immediately come to challenge you: hoping to steal the seed of promise from you heart & place fear, doubt, & unbelief or dead flies (Eccl 10:1) in your fresh anointing Vs 11 David inquired / waited upon The Lord (as we should) once David received instruction he took steps of faith vs 11 "They came up" Vs 11 "Baal-perazim": Def Master of break through Because of David refusing to remain idle he experienced God being a Master of Break through in his life It also states in vs 11: "God hath broken in upon mine enemies by mine hand like the breaking forth of waters" David was no longer waiting upon God to do something on his behalf, he understood that once he received the word of The Lord he had to take steps of faith This enabled David to experience the Breaker Anointing manifesting thru his own hands: We also find David having to take steps of faith in order to experience the Breaker Anointing in: 1 Chron 14:13-17 Vs 14 David inquired / waited upon the Lord (as we should) Vs 14 David receives his prophetic word / instructions from The Lord "When thou shalt hear a sound" When we wait upon The Lord, we are to listen for the sound: the sound of marching / the sound of the Breaker Anointing going before you Then we are to take steps of faith & go out to the battle When the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost there was a sound from heaven like a rushing mighty wind Acts 2:2 When the lepers took steps of faith...there was a sound of the host of heaven marching before them 2 Ki 7:6 God told David when he heard the sound of marching in the tops of the trees: "go out to battle, for God has gone out before you" 1 Chron 14:15 Jesus has gone out before us spoiling principalities & powers, defeating the devil, curses, sickness & sin John 16:33 "In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world." While many believers are still waiting upon their knees for God to do something, some cannot see that: vs 15 "for God is gone forth before thee to smite the host of the Philistines"

Judges 16:2-3 & Micah 2:13 "Pass through the gate"

The Gazites laid in wait for Samson in the night at the gate of the city Setting up a stronghold / attempting to seize the seat / place of authority At midnight Samson arose: The Spirit of God is waiting for you and I to arise at midnight / the dark hour of life / arise out from our spiritual slumber and take the gates of the city and put them upon our shoulders as Samson did: shoulders represent the place of strength & government: Isa 9:6 "The government shall be upon his shoulder" Samson takes the gates of the city to Hebron: Def communion Hebron was the place God changed Abram's name to Abraham Hebron the place of promise where angels appeared to Abraham & gave him a promise of a son Hebron is the place of fruitfulness where Joshua cut down a cluster of grapes, as he spied out the promise land Hebron is the place of new anointing where David was anointed king It does not matter if it is the gates of: your life, city, ministry, career, etc. The enemy will attempt to come at the midnight hour of your life & set up his demonic stronghold, attempting to bring limitations & restrictions upon us But, if we will awake at that midnight hour and take hold of the gates that Jesus Christ has already passed through: the Breaker Anointing will manifest upon us & thru us as it did Jesus and we can carry the gates to a spiritual place called Hebron and your name will be changed like Abraham's was. You will no longer be called defeated but victorious you will no longer be be called barren, but instead you will be called fruitful you will no longer be called sick, but instead you will be called healed As you take hold of the gates and bring them to Hebron / the place of communion with God: The promises of God will begin to manifest in your life Your Prophetic words of destiny will bring forth fruit and you will be able to reach out by faith & taste the grapes and partake of the fruits of your promise land and experience the anointing of a king ( Rev 5:10) in a grater realm and begin to "rein in life by one, Christ Jesus" (Rom 5:17)